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When I was young, I didn’t know how to plan my life. I had no clue of how to reach my full potential and I ended up choosing the wrong subject for my undergraduate study, resulting in having a 10 years of a not-so-fulfilling career. Today, I teach young people how to earn a higher degree from abroad with a scholarship.

In my life I have received PPIA-VOA Fellowship to work as a journalist in the United States and Chevening scholarship to study master’s in the United Kingdom. I have failed so many scholarships in the past. However, I have since experienced passing my essays to the Australia Awards Scholarship, Fulbright, and LPDP interview stage. Thus, I understand how to turn those failures into a success. With my experience, I would like to share my knowledge and skills, so you can get the scholarship and self-development that you wish for. 



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What are they saying

Retno helped me to secure my first scholarship from Chevening. During the multiple times I seek feedback, I found her approach was thorough – Retno always explain her approach in details, she started from the right mindset and framework needed to visualise my experience to how I should write it down in my essay.
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Franz Jediza
MSc Management at Imperial College London, Chevening Scholar 2019/2020
Retno was the kind of mentor that everyone should have when they think about getting scholarship. She was very outspoken and rational in delivering her responses towards my essay. I gained a lot of perspectives by consulting to her and I want to follow her path in doing my master's in the UK.
Stela Nau
MSc Politic at Goldsmiths University, Chevening Scholar 2019/ 2020, Head of PPI UK
Knowledgable and caring, Retno helped me to secure a place at various universities in the UK. She encouraged me to discover the best angle of my professional achievements for my essays. She has a clear picture of different academic institutions, its reputation, academic demand, and student life. Thank you very much.
Rio Tuasikal
Chevening Scholar 2020/2021

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